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After designing a product for Kanye’s “Yeezy” brand, Azealia Banks calls out Kanye, accusing him of stealing her ideas.

via iHeart Daily:

In a series of posts, shared to both her Instagram and Instagram story, the “212” rapper, who is known for her public beefing, called Ye out for “ghosting” her after she designed a product for his Yeezy brand. Azealia claimed that she posted the unreleased product, and called Ye out for his behavior, in case he decided to promote it without giving her any credit.

“Since everyone likes to drain me of my energy and run off on the plug (me) – let me show you this genius product design I created for Kanye West. This is the YEEZY MODULAR SURVIVAL KIT,” she wrote on Instagram Sunday (November 18).” It contains an electric generator, a hot plate, a convection oven, a small cloth washer, and a mini fridge. I came up with this idea as a disaster kit or for camping. I designed it with Vadik Marmaledov for ‘YEEZY INDUSTRIES’ .. kanye mentioned something about Kim Kardashian being jealous he was talking to me then ghosted, but I’m pretty sure it’s just sneaky Kanye’s way of trying to steal my idea and leave me out.” 

She added: “Sometimes pretending like you are emotionally unstable is an easy way to sneak past people and manipulate them into doing ALL THE WORK FOR YOU. Second pic is the YEEZY LOGO I designed for him. Hes supposed to be hiring me to work for yeezy but I highly doubt Kim Kardashian will let that happen… I posted this in case he tries to steal it …. you heard it here first. . Don’t care about making my ideas public… there are plenty more where this came from.”


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