For more than a decade, Bukeka has been captivating the world with her inspirational music. Her lyrics convey powerful messages set to rhythms that move people to dance or simply contemplate life. With an incredible vocal range, her songs express an array of emotions and audiences feel a greater sense of self love and worthiness.  Bukeka is known for “giving it all she’s got.” Her remarkable ability to infuse story and music leaves individuals hanging onto her every word.

Bukeka’s inspirational presence begins her name. Born as Gretchen Elizabeth at age six, she was immersed in the Civil Rights Movement with her parents. Inspired by this great movement of change she wanted a new name. She chose Bukeka meaning “adorned one” or beautiful in the Xhosa language spoken in South Africa. With her parents’ blessing Gretchen Elizabeth entered first grade with the name she had chosen – Bukeka. Her mission is to use her voice to help individuals live a life of joy and well-being.

Her first CD self-entitled Bukeka was released in 1998 and continues to inspire people with songs like “I Am Worthy of Love” and “I’ll Light a Candle In Your Name.” Bukeka’s sophomore CD Spirit Is Alive is a hit with both young people and more mature audiences who find a common bond in wanting music that is positive, uplifting and fun.

She has performed, conducted workshops and concerts in some of the largest New Thought centers across the United States including: Renaissance Unity, Warren, Michigan; Agape International, Culver City, California; Unity Church of Overland Park, Overland Park, Kansas; and Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa, California.

Her other musical performances include touring and recording with R&B and Gospel legend Oleta Adams and has opened for renowned cultural and entertainment icons Dr. Maya Angelou and Harry Belafonte.

Bukeka is also a public speaker and has been sought out by national organizations including: National Council on Race and Ethnicity and National Association of Women Business Owners. Her presentations have also inspired children and youth in the United States, South Africa and Bahamas.


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