Kansas City, Missouri makeup artist Tiffany Simons is no stranger to the world of makeup artistry.  In fact, she is a licensed esthetician and her work can be seen on the faces of many women throughout the Kansas City area.  Tiffany received her first official job as a makeup artist for an up-and-coming designer for a fashion show at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.
“It was the best experience I ever had. I actually called my best friend when I got in my car and cried.  Although it was a small show, it was my first time applying makeup on someone other than myself,” says Simons.  “It gave me the courage to step out on faith and take my artistry serious.”
FABUTAINMENT:  When and why did you decide to become a makeup artist?
TS:  I started playing in makeup in 2009 posting looks on Facebook. When I did that, everyone would ask me to do there makeup but I was too scared. I would have to make disclaimers under my post stating “I AM NOT A MUA”. However, in 2013, I did a fashion show and overcame that fear and I’ve been calling myself a makeup artist ever since.
FABUTAINMENT:  Who are your favorite makeup artist/artists?
TS:  I have many, but Alex Butler, Sam Fine, Bobbi Brown, Pat McGrath and Nikki Darden are my all-time favorites hands down.
FABUTAINMENT:  What are some of the obstacles and struggles, if any, that you have experienced in Kansas City as a makeup artist?
TS:  I have actually been really lucky that Kansas City has really supported me so much throughout this journey. Makeup is super new to Kansas City, so it can be a challenge to stay booked six days a week. With the industry being so saturated, you have to get in where you fit in. This is the “Show Me” state.  Once you show people you have the skills, you’ll be set.
FABUTAINMENT:  What are your favorite cosmetics companies or brands?
TS:  I’m a makeup junky so it’s hard to pick but if I had to it would be Black Opal, MAC, Tarte, Kevyn Aucoin, and Benefit products.
FABUTAINMENT:  What celebrities would you like to apply makeup for?
TS:  Oprah Winfrey and Ellen
FABUTAINMENT:  How do you balance your business with other obligations, such as your mate, children, and job?
TS:  My family comes first (husband, kids, and dog), then everything else falls into place. I don’t work on major holidays because I spend them with my family. I don’t want be so focused on my career that I forget what matters the most.
FABUTAINMENT:  What are your goals for your career as a makeup artist?
TS:  I want to open an Aesthetics school and launch a full service cosmetics line.
FABUTAINMENT:  What are some common makeup faux pas or mistakes that you see women make when it comes to applying makeup?
TS:  Strong brows and super bright highlight…..Oh, and those super thick lashes! Let that trend die now! Lol


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