Born in Kansas and raised in Missouri, comedian Bobby J. Coleman is making a big name for himself in the world of comedy.  With millions of views on YouTube, hundreds of thousands of likes and shares on Facebook, Bobby J. has a career in comedy that is definitely on the rise.  He has worked with some of the funniest comedians in the world, such as Kevin Hart, Rickey Smiley, Katt Williams and many more!  Bobby J. talks to FABUtainment about how he began his comedy career, his comedic influences, as well as shows and projects he has coming up in the future.


FABUtainment:  When did you know you wanted to be a comedian?

Bobby J:  I think I was born a Comedian. I was always a prankster and jokester. I was also good at roasting people. There used to be a show called “Uptown Comedy Club” that came on TV, and I remember watching people like Tracy Morgan, Chris Tucker and talent on the show, at the end they used to roast each other. I thought it was the funniest thing ever!  I related to it because I could come up with cracks on people in class. I didn’t know comedy was a thing or a profession, I just thought it was something you do. I didn’t really want to become a comedian until I saw Sinbad’s Comedy Special on HBO. I remember falling out dying listening to his stories. At that point, I knew I wanted to be a comedian


FABUtainment:  What is the most challenging aspect of being a comedian?

Bobby J:  The biggest challenge is gaining notoriety. 15-20 years ago, you could get on shows like Def Comedy Jam or Comicview and then transition to television shows and movies. Those platforms have since gone away and the goals in comedy are not as straight forward, so you don’t know where to take your talents.


FABUtainment:  How did you begin your comedy career?  Where was your first comedy show?

Bobby J:  Ironically, I started my comedy career in college. I was a sophomore at Lincoln University. I was known for cracking jokes and hosting events like step shows and concerts. The school had a comedy competition and someone signed me up. Still to this day, I don’t know who signed me up on that list, but I took the challenge. So I went home and wrote a few jokes to perform, and I ended up winning the event with a standing ovation. Afterwards, I was invited to open up for the homecoming comedy show. I had a good set; Joe Torry was hosting the event. Afterwards, he told me I was funny and should try out the clubs in St. Louis. He put in a good word for me at a club called 2 Brothers. I went there on a Wednesday night, and it was a 30 and up club. I was extra nervous. I went up, did 10 minutes and did a good job. They invited me back and that’s where my comedy career was born.


FABUtainment:  Who gave you your first major start in comedy?

Bobby J:  In high school, I was a HUGE Rickey Smiley fan. He hit me up on Twitter and invited me to open his tour up in 8 different cities. That was my first major look. Before that show, I was featured on shows with Kevin Hart and Katt Williams before they were famous. Katt let me open up for him in 2005 at a club called De’ja Vu, and there was like 100 people in there. He gave me 10 minutes on his show. Shortly afterwards he blew up and became a huge icon.


FABUtainment:  Who are some of your favorite comedians? What comedians have you worked with?

Bobby J:  My favorite comics are Eddie Murphy, Sinbad, Chris Rock, Rickey Smiley, Sommore, Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle. Each one of those comedians are different from the next. They all bring their own taste to the industry and they’re all phenomenal.  I have worked with Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Sommore, Rickey Smiley, Bill Bellamy and more. Really too many to name.


FABUtainment:  What comedians would you like to work/tour with?

Bobby J:  I would like to work with Dave Chappelle, Hannibal Burress and Bill Burr. Those are 3three comics that don’t care to push the envelope. That’s what comedy is about. It is about never being apologetic about your standpoint on current events and the elephant in the room.


FABUtainment:  If you could do your own version of “The Kings of Comedy,” including yourself, name 3 additional comedians you would want to do the show with you?

Bobby J:  I would do a new Kings of Comedy with Tony Baker from LA, Lavar Walker from Atlanta, and Lil Rel from Chicago.


FABUtainment:  Your videos have millions of views, hundreds of thousands of likes, thousands of shares and comments.  How does it feel to have so many fans that support you and your career and look forward to what videos and photos you post next?

Bobby J:  I just recently realized my online support was as huge as it is. My social media followers are awesome and they support me like crazy.  I do the videos, and on the inside, I really don’t want them go viral which is crazy. Since I am an authentic comedian, I want my exposure to come from standup comedy, not skits or parodies. Careers of 95% of internet personalities don’t last longer than 9 months to a year. So I avoid the constant promoting of comedy skits online so I don’t get labeled an internet personality. My ideas still end up going viral and getting millions of views, but I also have balance so people know I’m actually a standup comedian and not a comedic personality.


FABUtainment:  Your #babydaddylivesmatter movement is growing on social media.  What inspired you to start this movement?


Bobby J:  My friend Jeremie Bond from Atlanta is actually responsible for coming up with the hashtag. We always talk about the struggles of being a father and how the system is unfair so in light of everything wrong with the system and injustices happening with black people in America with the “Black Lives Matter” movement. We decided to push baby daddy lives matter. It has been a huge success.


FABUtainment:  What shows, events, or projects do you have coming up?

Bobby J:  I have a Comedy Cruise this summer. I am also working on shooting a movie called “Bundle Boyz”. It’s going to be a hilarious comedy about two guys down on their luck, and end up in the hair business. I can’t wait to shoot it; I think it will be one a hood cult classic.


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