FABUtainment:  What influenced you to get into the modeling industry?

B. A: What has influenced me to be a model is actually a who, and it is Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. I like how they shut down the runway, and how they can transform or be whatever the photographer or designer wants them to be with fierceness. I also love how Tyra is breaking barriers in the modeling world by giving the people that do not necessarily meet the requirements or have the “look” an opportunity of a lifetime. I have always been a performer and loved the limelight and what better industry to be in to have everyone looking at you?


FABUtainment:  What fashion shows, companies, or fashion designers have you worked with? Who is your favorite designer?

B. A: I have worked with local designers from Kansas City. Designers I have worked for are SYKE clothing brand and Kim Young Collections. I recently got accepted to be a part of Strut for Your Cause Fashion Show in Dallas, Texas and Oklahoma, and also the Woke Fashion Show located in New York City this year so stay tuned!


FABUtainment:  If you could walk the runway for any designer, who would it be and why?

B. A: If I could walk for any designer it would be Korto Momula and Tracy Reeves.


FABUtainment: What do you like the most/least about modeling?

B. A: What I love the most about the modeling industry is being able to network and meet different people from all walks of life. What I least like about modeling is the height restrictions, because I am not the tallest model in the world.


FABUtainment: What challenges have you faced in the modeling industry?

B. A: A challenge I face in the modeling industry is my height requirement. Many runway models are usual 5’7″ and up, and I am shorter than 5’7″.


FABUtainment:  Do you plan to pursue modeling as a full-time career? If not, what careers are you interested in pursuing?

B. A: Yes, I plan on pursuing modeling and makeup artistry as full-time careers.


FABUtainment:  What advice would you give to aspiring models?

B. A: Advice I would give to aspiring models would be to always network and do not be afraid to introduce yourself to new people. These contacts will be needed in the near future, and they will remember you more if you introduced yourself to them and engage in small talk. I would also tell aspiring models to never give up.  There will be people that will turn you down plenty of times, but you cannot dwell on it.  You have to pick yourself up and keep practicing and auditioning.  I would also encourage aspiring models to be humble.


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