Raised in Leavenworth Kansas, 24-year-old Jasmine Sublett is a model with big dreams, motivation, and determination.  Although Jasmine grew up very shy, she realized her dreams of becoming a supermodel would not come true if she had a fear of showing her talents.


FABUtainment:  What influenced you to get into the modeling industry?

J. S: I’ve been wanting to model since I was 8 years old. I never knew how to get started, so any castings I heard about I made sure to audition.  Watching “America’s Next Top Model” influenced me as well.  I really learned a lot about modeling from Tyra Banks from every episode I watched.  When Myspace was popular, I sent a message to one of the contestants’ name Keenyah Hill, who was second runner up in cycle 4 of the show.  I almost passed out when she actually replied back!  She told me I was beautiful, I have the look, and to never give up on my dreams to become a successful model. I am 24 years old now, and I still have not given up on being a model even after becoming a mom of four.


FABUtainment:  What fashion shows, companies, or fashion designers have you worked with? Who is your favorite designer?

J. S: I recently signed with Aquarius Management Agency. It took a long time to find an agency that was right for me, but I feel really overjoyed to work with my agent Aquarius Taylor.  I’m finally getting noticed and getting paid to do what I love.
I’m getting ready to travel to Dallas, Texas for the Angels of Dallas Fashion Show, walk the runway in The Bold and the Beautiful Fashion Show in Kansas City, and finally New York Fashion Week for Woke Fashion!


FABUtainment:  If you could walk the runway for any designer, who would it be and why?

J. S: Honestly, I would walk for any designer. If I had to pick one it would be Victoria’s Secret.  I love showing my personality on the runway rather than looking so serious.  The lingerie and swimwear are always breathtaking, and the shows are just amazing!



FABUtainment: What do you like the most/least about modeling?

J. S: I love modeling because you get to meet other models and make new friends. The idea that sometimes modeling can keep you from spending time with family and friends when you have to travel can make it a hard job.



FABUtainment: What challenges have you faced in the modeling industry?

J. S: Challenges I have faced would definitely be scams. My family and I invested and wasted a lot of money for my modeling career.  Everything thing we expected wasn’t what it really was a majority of the time.


FABUtainment:  Do you plan to pursue modeling as a full-time career? If not, what careers are you interested in pursuing?

J. S: Although I am a mom of four children, I still plan to model full-time. While pursuing a career in fashion, singing, and acting, my goal is to be known as a triple threat supermodel and to inspire people to never give up.


FABUtainment:  What advice would you give to aspiring models?

J. S: I would tell aspiring models that you should take care of your hair and skin, eat healthy, and exercise. Start a modeling portfolio and find an agency and research them first before signing. Aspiring models should also prepare themselves for rejection. Always practice posing and walking, be professional, and most of all, never give up.




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