FABUtainment:  What influenced you to get into the modeling industry?

S.R:  I don’t really remember what started my interest in modeling, but my family tells me it has always been what I wanted to do since I was a little. Maybe because they always caught me making faces and poses in the mirror. Once I did start getting into the business it was a dream come true and I’ve never wanted to stop.


FABUtainment:  What fashion shows, companies, or fashion designers have you worked with?

S.R: I have walked in fashion shows such as Kansas City Fashion Week, JCCC, and Independence Mall. A few designers I have walked for are Roger Figueroa, Dolyn Bags, American Apparel and Gypsy Blaque.


FABUtainment: Who is your favorite designer? If you could walk the runway for any designer, who would it be and why?

S.R:  My favorite designer as of right now is Paolo Sebastian who is also who I would love to walk for. He creates magical princess like gowns that would make any girl swoon over.


FABUtainment: What do you like the most/least about modeling?

S.R:  Things I love most about modeling is that I love the feeling of walking back stage and seeing dozens of tables of hair and makeup supplies. When you’re sitting in a chair being pampered, it is like nothing else matters. It is so relaxing and not to mention extremely fun! It’s also a great way to make friends and lots of connections through networking.  It is a whole different feeling when walking down a long runway or being in front of a camera being shot. It’s almost unexplainable until you experience it for yourself.

I am only 5’6” and size 0 but believe that height does not matter as along as the job is completed. The world makes so many discriminations particularly about women. You’re not pretty enough, tall enough, or skinny enough. But why does it matter? And that’s what I least enjoy about the modeling industry.


FABUtainment: What challenges have you faced in the modeling industry?

S.R:  As any other young lady, I struggle to be confident with who I am. As silly as this sounds, I hate being told I am too skinny. Or do you ever eat? Like yes, I am small, but I also take care of my body and YES, I EAT. Junk food is actually my favorite! But it is such a challenge to meet anybody and everybody expectations of what beauty is and how I should look. When I first started off modeling, I was told “you are never going to make it.” It took everything in my 14-year-old vulnerable self to not start crying. Since that day, I got headshots and a portfolio started. I have been a part of many amazingly recognized fashion shows and have shot with many talented photographers. I also have completed professional shows with my dance career (New Theatre Restaurant, BMW private events, Just Off Broadway: Spinning Tree Theatre) and have won many awards in competitive dance and community theatre.


FABUtainment:  Do you plan to pursue modeling as a full-time career? If not, what careers are you interested in pursuing?

S.R:  My future looks into the entertainment and fashion business in one way or another. I would love to continue modeling throughout my life either as a hobby or a career.


FABUtainment:  What advice would you give to aspiring models?

S.R:  I encourage any girl who is not the perfect 5’9” 100 lbs. to just keep trying. If you see yours dreams then others will see your dreams in you too. No, I’m not in Milan modeling for Giorgio Armani, but honestly who cares? What matters is that what you’re doing is giving you a thrill. It is making you excited and it is giving you something to be a part of.  It is making you proud of yourself.




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