From designing window displays at a local boutique and dressing mannequins, to styling his first show and walking the runway two years later, William “The Fashion King” Haskell is making a name for himself in the fashion industry.  Born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, William began his career in the fashion industry walking in a runway show for Latonya Sticker.  After modeling for a few years, William styled his first show, The Beauty and Bowties Fashion Show, and from there he began to build his brand, Fashion King Inc.

Fabutainment:  When did you decide to become a wardrobe stylist?
WH:  I think I’ve always wanted to be a wardrobe stylist. A funny story is that when I was little, I used to redress my sisters’ Barbie dolls, change their clothes, and put them in the things that I wanted! They (my sisters) never like me doing that! LOL
Fabutainment: What do you enjoy most about styling?
WH:  The transformation! I like to see the client extremely happy with the look that they have always wanted, but couldn’t achieve on their own: that’s what I love about being a wardrobe stylist.
Fabutainment:  Who are your favorite designers?
WH:  I love the unknown designers like Naeem Khan and Issey Miyqke because they bring  something different to fashion and I always love different styles.
Fabutainment:  Which celebrity would you like to work with?
WH:  Zendaya!! She is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!  I would also love to style a new, unknown artist because you can help them develop their personal style.
Fabutainment:  How would you describe your personal style of fashion?
WH:  I will call my personal style a classic, urban, hobo chic look!
Fabutainment:  What is the most challenging part of being a wardrobe stylist?
WH:  The most challenging part is convincing a client that the look they think they want is not the look that they actually need! LOL! Some clients need more pushing than others……but it’s all a part of my job.
Fabutainment:  What are some common faux pas you have seen in fashion?
WH:  The biggest faux pas or the most important thing is undergarments!  What I mean by that is, I tell all of my clients that it’s like building a home.  You need a good foundation to stand on anything.  The second thing is to have fun with fashion!  Fashion is not serious.  Have fun and enjoy it because it’s just clothing!
Fabutainment:  What are your goals or plans for your career and company?
WH:  I want to be the go-to guy in Fashion! I want to be the guy who “they” call to dress any and everybody!  That’s my dream:  that’s my goal.
Fabutainment:  What events do you have coming up?
WH:  From now until June, I have a fashion show every month. The fashion show in June is my own fashion show!  This will be my first time putting on my own fashion show.  I’m super excited about this!! It’s going to be my interpretation of what I think a high class fashion show should be. I have a great sponsor by the name of Kevin Cole aka Kevin Spielberg.  It’s going to be an amazing event!  It will be epic!


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