Iman Kernal has an impressive resume as a choreographer and dancer.  The Kansas City, Missouri native has already opened for many artists, danced in a music video, and even danced at the Superbowl with Beyoncé!  It was no surprise that this talented young lady was chosen be in Strange Music artist Krizz Kaliko’s new video “Talk Up On It,” which was filmed at Union Station in Kansas City.  Iman speaks to FABUtainment exclusively about her experience filming the music video, her career as a choreographer and dancer, as well as her future plans for her career as a choreographer and dancer.
FABUtainment:  What inspired you to become a dancer? 
I.K:  Growing up around music from family to school has been my motivation.  From elementary to middle school, I attended a performing arts school, from there I wanted more and I was determined to go for it.
FABUtainment:  At what moment did you know that you wanted to pursue a career as a dancer?
I.K:  The moment I knew I wanted to be a dancer was when my feet first touched a stage in my first musical “Annie”. In first grade, I had the chance to play an orphan in the musical and from there, I knew this was where I was supposed to be.
FABUtainment:  How long have you been a dancer?
I.K:  I’ve been dancing since I was 3, and I’ve been able to succeed in opportunities that I use to dream of as a kid. Given the chance to dance for Disney World, to opening up for many artist, to hitting the stage with Ms. Beyonce herself for the Superbowl in New Orleans.  My latest is being selected to be a dancer in Mr. Krizz Kaliko’s video.
FABUtainment:  What is the most challenging part about being a dancer?
I.K:  The most challenging part of being a dancer is hearing the word “NO”. You have to be able to know that you did your best and you can only try again.  FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!
FABUtainment:  What do you like the most and least about being a dancer? 
I.K:  What I like most about being a dancer is that I get the chance to be myself.  Now, being able to maintain your energy from beginning to end is what I like the least about dancing.
FABUtainment:  Tell us about your career as a choreographer.
I.K:  I have been a choreographer for about 11 years now.  I started when I was 17 teaching at Centennial United Methodist Church.  I teach from praise to hip hop, and I’m now the President of PosinIvy and will soon be opening my own dance studio.  My goal is to be the best at what I do and never give up.
FABUtainment:  If you could do choreography or be a dancer for any celebrity, who would it be and why?
I.K:  Oh man this is a hard question, I would have to go with Missy Elliot. I love her swagg, her confidence and determination. Her music speaks differently and that’s me, someone that’s willing to dance outside my box.
FABUtainment:  Tell us about your experience being part of Krizz Kaliko’s music video.
I.K:  Getting the chance to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, which was so exciting.  Krizz Kaliko is so cool and laid back.  He’s so focused but still has fun (it’s like you have to remind yourself that celebrities are humans too).
FABUtainment:  Was this your first music video?  If so, how did it make you feel to be in your first music video?
I.K:  This was my first music video and I was so excited. I couldn’t sleep (as if I was waiting for my first day of school to start). I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was here inside of Union Station with camera’s and people everywhere. I kept hearing him say “Action” “Cut” I had to tell myself to keep dancing until you hear those words “It’s a wrap.”
FABUtainment:  What advice would you give to aspiring dancers?
I.K:  My advice to aspiring dancers is to never give up on your dream. Push through the obstacles and understand what your working so hard for. Continue to “Dance as though no one is watching.”  And remember #HARDWORK #PAYSOFF
FABUtainment:  What are your goals or dreams as a dancer/choreographer?
I.K:  My goals as a dancer/choreographer  is to get an opportunity to experience Black Girls Rock. I feel that  every woman or little girl deserves the chance to live her dream and reach for the stars. I want to become one of the dopest female dancers of Kansas City, MO. Opening my studio is my ultimate goal and I know one day it’s going to happen.


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