With Kansas City Fashion Week just a week away, 16-year- old Maurice Thompson is ready to take over the runway!  Born on Valentine’s Day in Independence, Missouri, Maurice has been modeling since age nine.  He has modeled in shows in Kansas City such as EarKandie! and KC Catwalk, but now prepares himself to walk the runway in the biggest fashion show in Kansas City:  Kansas City Fashion week!  FABUtainment had the pleasure of catching up with Maurice to find out more about his budding modeling career, as well as his future plans for his career in the fashion industry.

FABUtainment:  How did you get your start as a model?
MT:  Getting started as a model was easy. I sent some pictures in to an agency and they liked me so that’s where we went from there.
FABUtainment:  Did you always want to be a model or was it something that you stumbled upon? Or, were you discovered by anyone?
MT:  Modeling came to me at a young age.  My mom’s friend’s son was a model and my mom suggested it to me, so at a young age, I found it to be a great opportunity.
FABUtainment:  What is the most challenging thing about being a model? What do you like the most and least about modeling?
MT:  The most challenging things about being a model is having the work ethic.  I do a lot of things and I try to push hard to have the mindset of a model/athlete/artist.
FABUtainment:  Who is your favorite model, or who inspires you?
MT:  I’m not a big male or female famous model watcher, but one big inspiration is my good friend Kavan. He’s moving his way up in the modeling industry and that motivates me to better every day.
FABUtainment:  Do you plan to pursue modeling as a full-time career?  If not, what careers are you interested in pursuing?
MT: I wouldn’t say full time, but I have always wanted to do it. If a big opportunity comes up then it may become my full-time career, but it’s not my main focus.  I have a big interest in basketball, which is my second love to football.  I have embraced it not as a hobby, but as part of my life. I am also interested in writing lyrics. It gets things across that sometimes I can’t get through to everyone face to face.

FABUtainment:  How did you feel when you were chosen to model for Kansas City Fashion Week?
MT:  I felt blessed! I give all glory to God and to my mother. They have both been there for me when others were not there for me.  I had just started doing runway a year ago, and to be selected into the biggest fashion show in Kansas City is nothing but a blessing.


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