Move over Academy Awards! The talk of fashion in Kansas City last night was the 2nd Annual NIA Initiative Spring/Summer Fashion Show!  This year, they honored Elder el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, also known as Malcolm X.

Some of the designers for the show included Essie Tunley of Empress, Gail IsaMoore of SewUnrelaxed, Lisa Brown-Glasper of DLG Fashion Boutique, and John Morrow of 2Morrows Swagg.  William Haskell was the wardrobe stylist for this fabulous event.

Fabutainment was pleased to see how Kansas City came together to pay homage to black history, the community, as well as showcase the talents of many designers from the Kansas City area.

Along with the fashion show, there were also vendors, such as Tondalaya Aje’, illustrator/artist Curtis Crowley, Bae-Bee Stylez and Kutz & Gainz Fitness.  Congratulations to the NIA Initiative, the designers, models, and vendors for a successful event!


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